Buckwheat-Coconut Cookies

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 So today was the day when felt it was time to get some baking done. I haven’t done it for a really long time and I couldn’t be that way. So here are super easy and delicious cookies what I made from things what I had in my kitchen today. They are such a light bite of Yumminess and totally guilt free treat. Skinny Cookies are Sugar-Free, Vegan and Gluten-Free


20130811_173406Buckwheat-Coconut Cookies

*Buckwheat Flour  *2 Bananas  *1 tbsp Chia Seeds  *1 tbsp Lemon Juice  *Flesh from Old Coconut  *1/2 tsp Coconut Oil  *Cinnamon

Few hours before put Chia seeds with a little bit water to stay, so they will swell and become a great replacement for eggs. Blend Bananas to puree and mix with flour and Lemon Juice. Cut Coconut meat to small pieces and blend(you can also use food processor) with a little bit of water. Combine all ingredients. Dough should not be very liquid, so if it is then add more flour. It should be pretty sticky. I usually cook with my senses and I totally forgot to pay attention how much flour I used.

Pre heat your oven. and lay cookie dough on baking sheet. They need a really short time, about 10-15 minutes. Keep on checkin, they will be nicely soft from inside and a little harder from outside.




Yummy Sunday and I wish You all have a Beautiful end of the week!

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Love and Light!



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