Weight loss and Fitness Myths, where is the truth?

It always seems like that everybody have some tips and tricks for weight loss and maintaining the healthy weight. There are tens of myths what we all have heard some point in our lives. But should we really believe everything we hear? No! At first don’t believe anything else more than what Your body tells to you. Our bodies are a lot smarter than we think. So if your girlfriends are sharing some tips and tricks with you then of course you should try, but don’t count on it 100%. Our bodies are so individual and that means that what works for your friend will work for you. Only way to find your own rules is to try different things. Keep your ears and eyes open and don’t me scared to try. Like this we learn to know our bodies and we start to understand what works and what doesn’t.

I have been on Healthy Lifestyle journey for almost 3 years and I still learn know my body. This journey is endless, because our bodies are growing and changing always and forever til we are alive. To see the changes, we need to learn to know our bodies and take care of ourselves. Keeping yourself in healthy weight and treating your body with healthy habits is the greatest thing you can do to yourself.

Myths and Truth

#1 You only can lose with with running

You can lose weight with cardio and running is just one of the many cardio workouts. You also can lose weight with any other full body workouts like swimming, cycling or even just enjoying the nature with hiking in the mountains or a brisk walk in the park.

#2 Weights makes you bulky

Honestly I am one of these persons who used to believe it unil I found out how not true it is. Lifting weights is probably one of the greatest way to burn fat. More muscle you build, more calories you will burn.

#3 Workout with empty stomach

Food is a fuel to our body and if you don’t fill your body before workout you also won’t have energy to workout. Workouts with lack of energy will not help you succeed with your goals. Make sure to not eat heavy meals right before your workout. Eat smart and give a little time to digest before starting your workout.

#4 Go Fat-free, because Fat will make you Fat

There is big difference between Good and Bad Fats (click to read more about Good Fats). Bad Fats are definitely the reason of getting fat, but same time Good Fats are the ones who will help you to burn fat and keep you lean. Our digestion system need Healthy Fats to work properly. Many fat free products can be packed with sugars.

#5 Eat three times a day and don’t snack

Eat after every few hours, but smaller and lighter meals. This will keep your body working all the time and also will help you burn extra calories. If you don’t eat for long period, your body will go into survival mode. Survival mode means, that your body thinks it is starving and it will start to hold on to everything you consume. That will slow down your metabolism and losing weight becomes harder.

#6 Doing crunches will get rid of belly fat

Crunches will help you build abdominal muscles, but you can’t see muscles through the that. That has to do with your overall percentage of body fat. You need to lose fat to start seeing muscles. Cardio workouts are easiest and greatest help to lose fat.

#7 Cant eat after 6pm

This myth don’t even make sense. Most people are still at work or stuck in traffic at this time. You should not eat at least hour before going to sleep, so your body can relax during the night. Also its important to know to not have too heavy meals in the evening, because if you dont move after it is harder to digest it.

#8 When I exercise I can eat what I want

Yes working out burns calories, but that does not mean that you should eat unhealthy junk food after your workout. The quality of your food effects your energy levels. Its important to have healthy balanced diet to keep your body clean and lean. Unhealthy foods can slow down your metabolism.

#9 You see weight loss results on the scale

Often what you see on the scale is not the same with how you feel or look. Forget the numbers, pay more attention on how your look have changed, how you feel about yourself and how your clothes fit. Often with working out and having healthy eating habits we build lean muscle what can confuse you, when you don’t see progress on the scale. ALso water weight dont mean that you are fat. Never scale yourself in the evening or after the workout.

#10 If You can’t exercise hard and often, there is no point

Even the smaller efforts will be bigger success than doing nothing. Light exercises are always better than no exercise at all. Try to find just 30 minutes a day to have a brisk walk, do some Yoga or crunches. Its important to keep your body moving as much as possible, so our muscles will not get “rusty”

#11 No Pain, No Gain

You should enjoy Your workouts, feel comfortable and great in your body. Learn to understand your body and when it is enough. Dont play harder than your body physical limits. If it hurts, then take it easier.

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