Stop making Excuses and Start Moving

Exercising should be Lifestyle not only a part of short term diet. Exercising is not just for the people who wants to be in shape, lose weight or who are athletes. Working out should be normal part of everybody’s daily routine. There is nothing more important than keeping your body active. We only have one body in this life. The way we treat our body now will be the result of how we live of feel tomorrow or after a year. People who exercise daily dont just look good or feel happier and more confident, but also less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Daily physical activity will help you sleep better, feel happier, and also boost your energy. For me personally exercises works like coffee. If I feel sleepy or tired during the day I know that the easiest way to wake up is to have a good sweaty workout. Our bodies are designed to move and if you don’t want to get “rusty” then it’s time to start moving that body you got.8 alexi lubomirsk

Only legitimate excuses are if You are sick, exhausted, sore or in pain. But otherwise nothing can be more important than taking care of your own body. That’s the only thing you will have with you til end of your life!

Stop making these excuses, get your workout outfit on and get sweaty!

I don’t have time!

If something is your priority then you will always find time for it. You don’t need to find few hours break in your busy schedule, but you will always have 20 minutes before going to bed to do some yoga poses or have a 45 minutes cardio after a busy day at work. Weekends are always a great time for sporty activities with your partner or friends. Go for hiking, skating or play tennis. There are always so many options how to be active, you just have to chose one per day. On a lunch break forget about the elevator and use stairs, don’t drive when you can walk. There is always a way to be more active and move your body even on the busiest days!

I’m too tired

If you feel too tired in the end of the day, then get up a little earlier in the morning for a Yoga Session, Cardio or hit the Gym. Actually exercising gives you more energy, because you getting your circulation goin and release the “Feel Good” hormones

Gym is too far or too expensive

You don’t need to go to the gym to be active. Nature is the greatest gym we can have and if you live in the city then for sure you have some parks or riverside walking paths for your cardio workouts. If it’s raining then you need to do just few clicks to open Youtube and search for a yoga, pilates or any other kind of workout video to do at home.

I never see results and end up quitting

Make sure to find a workout what fits the best for you. You might do something wrong and maybe it’s a time to change things up with your workout routine. Real results need hard work and patient. Keep track with your measurements if you are reaching for perfect shape, if you are working out for your own well being  then pay attention how your mood and attitude is changing. Find a workout buddy, then you have somebody who is expecting to workout with you and the if you feel like quitting you will not let down only yourself, but also your friend.

I’m thin already

Being thin doesn’t mean that you are healthy or fit. To keep your current fitness level you have to keep on exercising regularly. Even if you maintain your shape without physical activity, your health will be the one to suffer without exercise.

I don’t like to workout

There are so many ways to workout and it would be crazy if you try to say that you don’t like or any any of them. Try different sporty activities and workouts. Try different types of gyms, ball games, cardio-aerobic classes, yoga, pilates, cycling and the list can go on and on. There must be something you enjoy doing. If you dont like to be alone then don’t be scared to take your friends with you and make this workout session a group activity and just have fun with it.

I have too many health issues

It doesn’t matter what health issues you have, there is always some way to keep your body moving and active. In the best case regular exercise and physical activities can improve your health.

I travel a lot

You dont need to exercise much to experience the benefits. Keep a jump rope in your luggage or take a yoga pose in your hotel room. To workout at least three times a week is already better than nothing. It doesn’t matter how often you travel, you will always find ten minutes for squats or crunches.

I don’t know how to begin

If you are not used with a healthy and active lifestyle, then of course it can be a little scary in the start. But life is all about proving yourself and maybe its time to face your fears. Exercising and Healthy Lifestyle habits will give so much to your life in general and there are no reason to say no to all of this. Face your fears and step out from your comfort zone. Try new sporty activities and you may find yourself all over again.

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