Should we go Gluten Free?

If you dont have Celiac disease, then You may not be so familiar with Gluten or Gluten-Free. Or if you have read packages at the supermarket, then for sure you have seen signs saying Gluten Free and you end up wondering what it actually means?

I wanted to write about it today, because I have realized that there is not enough information about it. As most of my blog readers are young women who want to take care of themselves, I find it important to share the knowledge with others.

Gluten-Free Diet is not anymore only for the ones who are Gluten intolerance or have Celiac Disease. Going Gluten-Free is becoming more and more popular, because gluten affects our body a lot more than we think.  Many people are suffering with Gluten intolerance without knowing it.

Gluten is a protein what is found in Wheat, Kamut, Spelt, Semolina, Farro, Durum, Cous Cous, Barley, Rye, Malts and many processed products(Breads, Pasta, Crackers, Baked Goods, Cereals, Soy Sauce, Rice mixes, Marinades, Beer etc.)

Gluten Free foods are Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Nuts, Seeds and Gluten Free grains( Amaranth, Arrowroot, Buckwheat, Rice, Chickpeas, Millet, Montina, Lupin, Quinoa, Sorghum, Taro, Soybean, Nut flours)

In past few years also many athletes have turned their eating habits to gluten free. Even when you think that athletes should consume enough carbs, then its important to prefer Gluten Free sources. The reason is that it is really hard for our body to digest gluten and it makes us feel heavy. Undigested wheat(or some other product of gluten) will start to ferment and will produce gas. Too much gluten can also cause leaky gut syndrome and rise body’s insulin levels.

Most well known gluten source is wheat. I personally cut out wheat from my menu more than two and half years ago. After that I needed to pay a lot of attention what I eat, because I found out that wheat is almost everywhere. We can find wheat even in the places we never thought it could be. Its important to  know that wheat have very little nutritional value, that means it is just empty calories.

When you want to lose weight then going Gluten Free is probably the smartest thing to do, because without gluten your digestion system can work smoothly and kg will be gone faster than you can imagine. Also being Gluten Free you will have less options to eat junk and fast food.

Actually going Gluten Free is easy. Start cooking your own food and dont be scared to have your lunch box with you at work.

In case you feel that you are not strong enough and you need some support to achieve your goal, then feel free to share your plan with your friends. You may find somebody who want to join to go Gluten Free together.

Life is full of changes and don’t be scared to  make them. Going Gluten Free or trying to eat as little Gluten as possible will do so much good for you. You will have so much more energy and you will feel so much lighter. Its easier to move and be active when you dont feel heavy and tired all the time. We need to live and eat right to feel well!

This post is not written to make you all go Gluten Free, but I hope you all will pay more attention on what you eat and have more knowledge of the different benefits what food have on us. It is so important to know what you put into yourself and how this food can affect you.

Love Your Body and don’t harm it with unhealthy habits!



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  • Agne / 12 February 2013 8:33

    Kas see tähendab seda, et isegi putru ei tohiks süüa?

    • helenaounxoxo / 12 February 2013 8:48

      Kaerahelbed on gluteni vabad juhul kui samas tehases ei valmistata nisu jahu. Pakendilt tuleb lugeda kas tootesse võivad olla segunenud gluteeni sisaldavaid osasid

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