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 Happy weekend everybody!

I wanted to make a little jump into the beauty world and talk about how we can read our skin. Most of the problems with human body are coming from inside, so we should be able to read them to make a change. Skin is the largest organ and understanding what your skin tells you will help you heal many issues and problems with your body.

I will explain about different point in your face and with what organs or issues these points are connected with.

1 and 2– Bladder and Digestive(2 Large Intestine, 1 Small Intestine). Check that You have balanced diet and drink more water

3- Liver(also right eye). Cut down Your alcohol intake, coffee, heavy food and dairy.

4 and 5- Kidneys. Drink enough water.

6- Heart, Make sure to use make up what wont irritate your skin. Massage will increase blood circulation. Check your Zinc, Vitamin B2 and B6 intake.

7- Small and Large Intestine, Lungs. Respiratory System. Its important to control your breathing and make sure to go to nature to enjoy fresh air, because so very little can make big changes with your skin.

8- Kidney, Stomach and Liver.(Check above)

9 and 10- Kidneys

11 and 12- Hormones. This area can show you when you are ovulating. Its important to keep on drinking enough water and also green tea.

13- Stomach, Kidneys and Bladder. Keep on drinking water and check that Your diet will have enough fiber to keep your digestion working

14- Can show the battle between the body and illness. Breath deep and keep on drinking water to keep your body working properly.

This shows exactly how important is to keep your life healthy. Healthy living will keep your body working properly. Healthy eating, enough exercise and positive mind is just that simple to keep yourself feeling good in your own skin. Create Your own well being.

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