Hey Gorgeous, where You got those Abs?

Hey Gorgeous, where you got those abs?

Have been a little bit sick last few days and so I havent went to the gym or swimming at all. It dosnt mean that I havent work out. I just cant have a day without any exercises. So now when I am kinda stucked at home I have been focusing on my abs, for building them stronger and toning them. Who dosnt want to have a perfect flat tummy with some beautiful abs shining out? Almost every other girl want to go to the beach in the summer and show off the body for what they have been working all winter! Yeah we girls are weird sometimes. But lets be honest, its true. Tell me if here is somebody who dosnt want to have perfect six pack on their tummy or havent look these gorgeous girls on VS runway and thought “Thats the body I want!”. Its all in you and you can get it, if you are willing to work for it!

I want to show some of my favorite exercises with what you can build your perfect waist line.

For getting nice abs you really need to have persistence and will power. Its not just that I will do these exercises once a week and maybe I will get the results. No! You really need to do them regulary and work for them.

I always have had a thin waist line, but it never was strong or had anything to do with abs. So year ago when I really start to work on myself I wanted to show to myself that I can be the girl with perfect tummy. I regularly have been doing exercises to keep my results and not let them gone in the wind!


Stand Up Exercises!



More about Plank

I consistently read all kind of books, articles, blogs, magazines and everything else about human body, workouts and health. So lately I have notice a lot that everywhere is something about Plank. So few days ago I decide to try it out and see how well I can do it. I have to say I surprised myself. For the first time doing it I was able to stay for 1 min and 45 seconds without any problems. I realized that everything is about breathing. So here I found out that everything what I learned in Yoga about Breathing and Bandhas are really helpful. I have to say that Plank is working, because I do it twice a day and for few days doing it… my abs are so sore! Feels good

Towel Plank

To do it: Start in a plank position with one small towel placed under each ball of your foot, legs together. Bring your left knee in towards the right side of your chest, squeezing your abs. Then, straighten your right leg back out to full plank and bring your right knee in towards the left side of the your chest and back out to full plank. Next, draw both knees into your chest at the same time and then slide your legs back out to full plank. That’s one rep. Build up to 3 sets of 12-15 reps (resting in between).

Side Plank

Plank with a Ball


Reverse Pressup

To do it: Lay flat on your back with both hands by your sides, palms facing down. Extend both legs up in the air above your hips, keeping both knees slightly bent, feet flexed. Push upward with both feet at the same time, pressing your heels towards the ceiling, lifting your hips off the floor. Try for up to three sets of 15 reps.


Pelvic Scoop

Targets: Lower back, rectus and transversus abdominis, obliques, and butt. Lie faceup on floor with back resting on folded towel, knees bent and feet flat on floor, arms by sides.Cross right ankle onto left thigh just above knee so bent right knee points out to side; flex left foot so only heel rests on floor.Rounding lower back and squeezing abs, lift hips off floor so pelvis tilts up toward ribs. Curl pelvis as far as you can without arching back; pull abs in to lift rather than press through left heel. Lower to floor.Do 10 reps, holding the lift for 10 seconds on the final one. Switch sides and repeat. Do 3 sets.


So here are the Magic Foods for your flat waist line!

Eat right food and Work for your Body!

Be in Shape and Love Your Body!

The difference between a Goal and a Dream is a deadline!

Sources of the pictures are  Shape.com , Fitnessmagazine.com , Womenshealthmag.com


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